I just received a First Equity card application. Thank you all for posting your reviews. There's no way I would ever do business with them.Notice on their web site how you have no idea how old the company is or its history?

They sent me a "pre qualified" application. I don't know if this is the same as "pre approved." (Every time you apply for a credit card, and the company checks your credit report, you lose 3 points on your credit score.) I emailed them the question. Whatever the answer, I will not be their customer.

Emma, New York city

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Isn't it interesting you cannot get a phone number for this company??

Cathays, Wales, United Kingdom #44329

Does anyone else find it just a lil strange that Jesse from First Equity has to use a Google mail acct?

Sure seems a lil lame to me that they don't have their own mail system like oh say 99.9% of all legitimate businesses.

Cathays, Wales, United Kingdom #44264

Well, since we have a company rep on here, perhaps you can answer this question. My acct has never once been late.

Today my acct was just placed under review, and no further charges would be allowed. I called your office & no one knew why. They said it was a Corp decision. I have a 2k balance on a 10,500 credit line.

The lady said all they can do is put in a request and to call back in 2 days.

I would love to hear your reply to this issue.

West Richland, Washington, United States #14100

F/E C/C is a joke. How can you say you check peoples credit ?

My wife got herself in a jam and got bad credit. F/E give her a credit card with a $ 6000.00 credit line.

Alburgh, Vermont, United States #10258

Emma, thanks for your comments.

My name is Jesse, I'm a FECC customer service representative, and I'd love to assist you with your question.

First, our history:

First Equity Card Corporation is an American credit card provider specializing in the provision of bankcards to the nation’s small businesses.

First Equity is both a certified Visa small business card provider and a participant in the MasterCard Worldwide and the MasterCard International Payments System.

Founded in 2001, the company’s early growth was funded by investors that included former executives at Capital One, MBNA and Renaissance.

In 2002, First Equity selected a leading commercial card processor, TSYS, to handle its growing processing needs. Over the years, First Equity has continued to grow rapidly, building its small business customer base on a nationwide basis.

The firm has forged relationships with partners such as Mall Networks and Affinity Marketing Group in order to provide its customers with valuable discounts and cash rewards.


As far as our pre-approval:

We do not pre-screen or pre-approve anyone based on other credit reporting or solicitations; however, we do check your credit during your initial application with us, before ever opening your account.

I hope this answered some of your questions. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me:


ext. 7718

FECC Customer Service

osakwv [at] gmail.com

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